Monday, May 24, 2004

If you fold it, they will come

I receive a bonus from Ladbrokes Poker and decide to put it to immediate use. First, I partake in a ten-seater $5 tournament table with a $1 table fee. It went so-so, I was not best but not worst. Chip leader for a while, then some Full Houses come crashing down on top of me. Finally out at third place (which paid $10!). Yay! Low hourly wages but better than nothing.

I then enter a $1000 Freeroll which starts out pretty damn well. On the very first hand dealt, I get a pair of nines. The flop gives me three of a kind nines. The river gives me four of a kind nines. Oh yeah. The network had some kind of hiccup but I'm still there, out of 1500 entrants, 1200 remain. After half an hour about 920 players left. But... I'm out at 874th place, having had to go all-in with a draw for straight or flush since the blinds are getting quite high and my stack was getting short.

Oh well, I enter a $10 ten-seater tournament which was "Turbo", meaning the blinds go up every five rounds instead of ten. Out at 8th place after playing KT hearts giving me pair of tens on the flop but nothing else after I have to go all-in against another player. He had a pair of jacks.

Welly-well, more freerolls will come. Some time I will win. Checking my statistics, it seems that I'm good, but not quite good enough.

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