Friday, June 04, 2004

Doing well in multitable tournament

Oh yes and oh no.

I enter yet another Hold'Em freeroll tournament, this one with $500 prize money to be split unevenly between the 40 best (out of 979 entrants). And it goes so very well. After showing a full house tens full of kings, I'm in seventh place of 434 remaining players, having played about half an hour. After an hour of play, it's a five minute break and I'm in 39th place of 248. After an hour and a half of play, I'm still in there, 26th place of 121 and players are out from every table almost one every round. The blinds are so high now that for many, a blind is a tenth, an eighth or even larger part of their stack. I'm just waiting for good cards. Having had to call and then fold to all-ins with not good enough cards, I'm in 40th place of 68 remaining. Doing well indeed!

OK, here goes. I get ace and king Clubs. Theirs is not to reason why, theirs but to do and die. I go all-in with 15530 chips and it gets called by the chip leader of the table. The board comes out QJ985 and he had a ten, so I'm out at 64th place (of 979 entrants) after almost two hours of play. I think that's the best placing I've had in a multitable tournament. But not "in the money". (And 40th place only gave $2 anyway...)

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