Monday, June 07, 2004

Stick your head up

I might've found my niche in Hold'Em.

In normal "sit down and play" games, I've not done so well, maybe because I'm reluctant to use a large bankroll. In ten-seat tournaments I've done better since all start out at the same level, but I haven't played often, much or hard enough. In multitable tournament, well, I'm rising through the ranks but I haven't been in a paid position yet.

However, in heads-up play, you're two players sitting down at a separate table with equal stacks, there I've had more wins than losses and I'm on plus money-wize. All games seem to follow the same pattern; Small pots are shuffled back and forth for a while, then when the cards are good you make a play and scoop up a large pot (if you win). The opponent now has "only" half or a third of his original stack and you've broken a psychological barrier. Just wait, wait, wait for good cards and then hit him hard, commit him to the hand and then the opponent's reaction is often "oh, I might as well see this to the end, ALL-IN" and badaboom badabing, you've doubled your money. As I did today. Played a $10 heads-up table, won, and logged out. I think I've found my calling.

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