Sunday, June 20, 2004

Flea market findings

More great finds at the flea market in the park today:

  • A classic cookbook, the staple goods of Swedish homes - "The chequered cookbook" for 30 crowns (costs 200 new in stores).
  • A cool looking digital watch, stainless steel, black background with large yellowish numbers, 15 crowns.
  • A piggy bank with "Spel-pengar" painted on it, 5 crowns. Spel-pengar (Swedish) means "Gambling money". Ah-ha!
  • Repair tape for vehicle trimmings, 5 crowns. The seat on my moped has been slightly damaged, maybe I can use this.

Finally realistic prices. This flea market is of the kind where you can rent a table and sell whatever you like, and many of the sellers seem to think that "If it's old, it's antique and therefore valuable." or "In stores this costs X currency units, I will ask for 0.8*X."

Come on, it's a flea market, it's for getting rid of things, not making money and doing big business. If you want to ask for high prices, put in a classified ad.

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