Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A moped at breakneck speed

A doctor calls. I had a lump in my throat, almost literally. On the outside, below the jawbone on my right side, I'd noticed a small firm lump under the skin and May 18 I was at a local clinic to have it checked out. The doctor felt it once and said he'd send me on to Pathology for a diagnosis. I was there at the pathology place May 24 where they did a needle biopsy three times and said they'd let me know.

Today the original doctor called and said that it was a benign tumor (Cue Kindergarten Cop quote: "Eehtz nawt a toomah!" Well, it is, but it's not the c-word.) and my case will now be sent on to an ENT specialist. No, not talking perambulatory trees, Ear Nose Throat.

And on a lighter note, my moped was delivered today! A yellow whining bastard I can buzz about on. Bicycled home over lunch to receive it, then back to work and arrange with insurance over teh Intarweb and in the evening I went home, grabbed a sandwich, put on the helmet and pressed the start button. Ahem. Allow me to elaborate. I made and ate a sandwich. I put the helmet on my head. I pressed the start button on the moped. I did not in any way put a helmet on a sandwich and then pressed its start button. Seriously, how can you even think that? You nuts or sumthin'?

(Cue music: "Gitcha mowta rurnen, heedadonna hahwe. Lookin' fo' adVENtcha. And whativva cumsawhe. Yeah mumble and something mumble, ticka hum hum and mumble hum. Ixplawd into spays. Born to be wi-i-ild! Born to be wi-i-ild!") as I zoom along at the breakneck top speed of 50 km/h (about 30 mph).

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