Friday, September 10, 2004

Ill shopping

Enjoying the time off, but not the itching in the stitches, I go shopping. I've got a hardshell wallet, looking like the ones at Smartcaze, matching my Boblbee backpack, and the bills don't fit in it, so I get a clip. And as Lefty tells you in Donnie Brasco, always put the highest denomination bill on the outside.

Oh, and I find a dirt cheap aluminum briefcase/toolbox. I already have a few (plastic) toolboxes, too many actually, but I've always wanted one of these in aluminum. I decide to use it as my poker box. I got my poker chips yesterday, so those and my playing cards go in it. Kinda like Stevens' case in Shade.

Also, I'm looking for a pinstripe suit or jacket, but don't find one within my price range. I'll be a Godfather in October and I want to look the part. But based on my previous shopping experiences I've described in this blog, all good things come to those who wait, so I'll make a great find later.

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