Sunday, September 19, 2004

Image is everything

In live poker, "they" talk about "table image", they overall style you show to the other players or how they perceive you. I wonder what my table image will be like next weekend when I'll play in a live tournament? If I'm wearing something like I'm wearing today, i.e. goatee, frayed jeans, rough brown patinated leather jacket and the scar on my neck. Or maybe I should wear a suit or suit jacket and white shirt? But should I take the green, black or brown one? The white? Tweed? Or like the majority on WPT and WSOP, go Slobby Casual?

Maybe something like this?

(from the Create your own South Park Character Flash thingy)

And spruce it up with sunglasses and do the hair with Spiky Gel.

Going home, I rent and watch the movie Signs. Purportedly a horror-ish movie, I found it to contain a lot of humor and comedy, in an understated deadpan way. Watch it, if you haven't, and you'll understand. The brilliant director M. Night Shyamalan should consider changing his name though. Checking the cover for his name, I can't recall its exact spelling a few seconds later. Shamayalan? Shalaman? Shalayman? Shayalaman? Yalla yalla, hey man? Mr. Smith?

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