Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In the money, AAAA and Guinness

Finally, after many attempts, I finish "in the money" at an Expekt NL Hold'Em daily multitable freeroll after they changed back from 600 places paid to 130 places paid. Either I'm out early (around 2000th place or lower out of 3000 entrants) because you have to play wildly in the beginning to build up a buffer or I play for 1-2 hours and get eaten by the blinds and finish out of the money.

But today, 79th place of 2999 entrants! Not bad at all. Unfortunately it was a $1000 freeroll with 130 places paid and 79th gave $1.50, but it's free money and I haven't put one cent of my own money into Expekt's poker room. And one day I'll be in the top ten which at least pays in the double digits or in first place which gives around 25% of the prize pool.

And I saw a beautiful play by one player when we were in the money. The flop came AAQ and there were more than two players in the hand. Turn and river also gave good cards, so I and the other players probably thought that it was a matter of Full House winning, the question was whether it would be Aces full or Queens full and/or a split pot. Who's got an Ace? Who's got a Queen? It goes all the way to the showdown and the winning player shows his two pocket Aces... Four of a kind, Aces! On the flop! He played it beautifully, because he didn't just go all-in after the flop, neither did he slowplay or just bet the default amount. Milked 'em for almost all they were worth. Rakes in a $67000 pot, when each player started with $1000 in chips.

My good placement was celebrated with a Guinness Canned Draught, a (for poker players) permitted performance-enhancing substance, as shown by Iggy and his blog. It has a thick, creamy head and a deep black body. The beer, not Iggy or the blog.

It works in a strange way, because you have to ingest it after the fact for maximum effect, not before or during the event. Once again, I'm talking about the beer, not Iggy or his blog.

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