Friday, September 03, 2004

Poker Portal


Hey, I see that this humble (mostly poker) blog is included (with a blinking "New" next to it) in the monster portal/link collection at Poker Portal in the Poker Blogs/Journals/Diaries section. I have an audience! And because the title is Glued to the seat, i.e. beginning with a G (ain't nuthin' but a G thang, baby) my neighbor is Iggy's Guinness and poker which I mentioned in the previous posting (and he's also a fellow Blogspot user).

I'm honored.

So, please check Poker Portal out, and of course all the other links. Yes, all of them. There are many, but as they state there, "Links will also be checked for their quality. For us it is quality rather than quantity that counts :-)."

Hmm, I'm doubly honored then, because I don't remember asking to be put on that list, so that means someone found this blog and thought it was good enough to add among the others with such names as "Down to the felt", "Drowning at the river" and "Flopped the nuts".

I play (online) poker because I think it's fun. Win some, lose some. I don't do it to make or break a fortune, it's just a hobby. But should I win a lot of $$$ or a seat at a live tournament, I'm not going to complain.

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